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Mincin Insulation Service Inc. of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, provides home insulation services, as well as building weatherization and commercial insulation services.

We are the "Energy Conservation Specialists" proudly serving the Greater Pittsburgh area since 1977. Mincin Insulation is the trusted name in providing affordable comfort, along with superior service, to Western Pennsylvania residents. We have been busy keeping Pitts-burgers warm, while also lowering their utility bills for almost 40 years. For decades now, Mincin Insulation has also been a trusted partner by many of the local utility companies as their choice insulation company to service their Low Income Weatherization Programs. Mincin Insulation prefers to install cellulose insulation, which is a superior insulation produced by nature. All-natural wood fibers within the product provide your home with a maximum "R-value" protection that reduces energy loss and leads to much lower heating & cooling bills all year long. Made mostly from recycled newspaper, cellulose products are also considered to be the most "Green" of all building materials.

When professionally installed, cellulose insulation has demonstrated to be the most efficient form of insulation on the market. We dense pack it in the walls and open blow it in attics. By dense packing the walls, cellulose insulation inhibits air movement and provides a greater R-value in the enclosed cavity when compared to other fiberglass products. Cellulose also makes a great sound deaden-er on interior walls. Insulating your home's walls and attic with cellulose will reduce your winter heating bills and summer cooling costs. Cellulose is one of the few products you can install in your home that will actually pay for itself!

We employ Building Performance Institute "BPI" certified individuals and are also members of the well-regarded Insulation Contractors Association of America "ICAA" trade association.

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Mincin Insulation Service, Inc. has been serving homeowners in the Greater Pittsburgh area for almost 40 years. Founded in 1977 by Robert “Bob” Mincin, a former local gas company employee who saw a need for a weatherization contractor in the Pittsburgh area, Since then, Mincin Insulation has grown to be the leading provider of blown-in cellulose insulation services for Western Pennsylvania.
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As a local independent business, our mission of providing excellent service and superior insulation products has allowed us to establish an ever-growing list of clients throughout the years. Having provided insulation contracting services for many of the local and regional utility providers, as well as our engagement with energy conservatory programs designed to help residents and property owners reduce their energy use and high energy bills makes us proud to be a part of the community and do what we do.

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Unlike some of our competitors, Mincin Insulation prefers to install cellulose insulation. Cellulose insulation has proven to be a superior product in achieving the industry standard [R-values] while offering a more cost effective and environmentally friendly option than fiberglass or spray poly-urethane foam (SPF). All-natural wood fibers within the product provide your home with maximum protection against high energy costs while also acting as an effective sound barrier between walls.
Our reputation has been built on years of experience providing a superior insulation service that has remained unmatched in quality, service, and customer loyalty. We install only the highest quality materials to ensure that our customers will realize the greatest savings on their energy bills for years to come.
Insulating your home's walls and attic with cellulose insulation will greatly reduce your winter heating bills and summer cooling costs by helping those appliances run much less while maintaining the degree of comfort that you have set. Cellulose is one of the few products you can install in your home that will actually pay for itself over time! We proudly have many available references that will tell you themselves.