Reducing energy waste helps us all!

Spruce Financial gives you the financing to make a real difference!

Insulation, Air Sealing, Windows, Doors, Roofing, & Solar Upgrades
Repair or replace systems, install programmable thermostats, fans and more.
Repair or replace major appliances, lighting, fans, and generators.
Repair or replace water heaters, shower heads, toilets, faucets and more
Emerging Energy
Electric vehicle charging infrastructure, fuel cells, batteries & storage devices
Don't let your home waste energy for another season! Ask a Mincin Technician to submit your online application to Spruce Financial today!

Spruce Financial, your choice for all things green.

At Spruce, we ONLY offer financing for homeowners who want the make their homes more energy efficient. We share your sense of responsibility for our earth's resources, and we can help you save money in the process!

Spruce makes it easy to get the financing you need, with:

  • Affordable Monthly Payments.
With payment plans of up to 12 years and low annual percentage rates, you'll get monthly payments that fit your budget. Talk with your contractor about other special credit terms that may be available in your market as well.

  • Generous Credit Amounts.
Multiple projects or just one big one – no problem. Spruce offers the substantial financing you need to make it happen.

  • Fast Credit Approval.
The online credit application is easy and can be completed in just a few moments, with an instant credit decision in most cases. Apply now to get approved and get your dream home improvements started!

  • No Hassle, Unsecured Lending.
Because all Spruce energy-efficiency contracts are unsecured, no equity is required in your home, and there's no tedious or complicated lien process to complete your purchase.
Get started today! Ask your Mincin Technician to submit your online application to Spruce Financial!