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Mincin Insulation Service Inc. of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is an independent home insulation contractor that offers green insulation and energy efficiency services to lower your electric bills.
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Insulation Materials

Our company strives to use the most efficient and environmentally friendly materials for all of our projects. We take into consideration not just the need for energy efficiency and cost savings, but the impact the materials that we use have on the environment and on the people.

Cellulose Insulation

An all-natural insulation made from wood fibers, cellulose insulation, provides a home with the maximum protection against the elements and makes the structure incredibly well insulated. Performance tests and research done by Colorado University finds cellulose insulation to perform 25% better at ... Read more

Green Materials

Made from recycled newspaper and treated for pests and to be fire retardant, cellulose insulation when installed properly provides the home with optimum energy efficiency. Packed densely into walls and blown into attic spaces, the insulation helps deaden sounds and creates a superior airflow ... Read more

Calculate Your Own Saving Potential!

You can now measure the financial impact of increasing your insulation performance by entering your data into our easyto-use insulation calculator at www.cellulose.org.

Can you afford not to look in your attic?

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Dispelling Myths About Cellulose Insulation

The Myth: Cellulose insulation is a fire hazard.

The Reality: Numerous standard tests (ASTM E119 and NFPA 286) prove that cellulose is the most fire-resistant insulation commonly used in residential construction. In several demonstration burns, structures insulated with cellulose have remained ... Read more

Clean-up is a Snap

Installing Cellulose insulation makes clean up a snap. Unlike fiberglass, there are no small fibers left behind to irritate the skin after clean up. In addition, “surplus” Cellulose insulation can be put back into the hopper instead of the dumpster so you are assured of getting the most economical value per bag.
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